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EV Series Automated Dispensing Systems

Posted 08/14/2017
Easy automation for precise fluid application with simple vision pencil camera Nordson EFD’s EV Series automated systems include simple vision for precise fluid dispensing using EFD syringe barrel and valve systems. Specialized vision-guided DispenseMotion™ software and a simple pencil camera make EFD automated systems quick to set up and easy to program. True three-dimensional motion control allows easy programming of dots, lines, circles, arcs, and compound arcs. Platforms range from 150 x...

Vibarrel V100 - STS Industries

Posted 08/01/2017
The Vibarrel V100 system of a basket mounted to an oscillating module that will make the difficult treatment of parts easy. One or more module(s) can be transported from one process station to another by hand or by a manual or automated hoist system in  your existing barrel line. They are quite a few easy options to install this system in on of your new or existing barrel line. Please contact us if you do need more information how the system(s) can be installed to ease the handling and...