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EMI Quality Plating Service, Inc.
5701 Old Boonville Hwy,
Evansville, Indiana 47715
Tel: 812-437-9100
Fax: 812-437-9105

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EMI Quality Plating Service, Inc : Facilities


EMI operates out of two modern well organized buildings. Our new shipping and receiving area allows for efficient movement of product and materials in and out of our facility.

EMI is committed to conserving valuable natural resources and contributing to the preservation of our environment. We operate a state of the art waste water treatment system in order to remain in compliance with all regulatory authorities. EMI has been presented the "Environmental Excellence Achievement Award" by the Evansville Water & Sewer Utility & Environmental Management Corporation for years 2006 and 2007. EMI sends no hazardous waste to landfill. All solid waste generated at our facility has been recycled as certified by World Resources Company Pottsville Pennsylvania Recycling Facility.

EMI produces high quality deionized water for use in chemical processes as well as final rinsing of product to ensure the cleanliness of of finished goods.

EMI maintains a well-equipped chemical laboratory to effectively monitor and control all key characteristics in the plating and waste treatment processes.  Methods utilized include wet chemistry, atomic absorbtion spectroscopy, ultraviolet/visible spectroscopy, ion selective electrode, surface tension measurement, and hull cell testing. Effective process development and control  allows us to operate chemical processes more efficiently with extended life. This results in our being able to remain cost effective.